Laser engraving and cutting

Thanks to our 0.1 mm precision machine, we can engrave and cut many materials either mechanically or by laser.

Submit your text, logo, photo and we will offer you solutions to personalise your objects, gifts and decorations.

Here are some ideas for personalised realisations.

Laser cut multiplex meranti panel.

Laser engraving and cutting of wood

Laser engraving on a rough slice of wood, to personalise the decoration of your wedding table

Laser engraving on wood

Engraving of a photo and laser graphics on paint or wood.

Photo engraving

Laser engraving of your logo or text on existing objects, laser engraving on enamel paint.

Engraving of personalised objects

Laser engraving of the logo on polar fleece, on the chest as a crest or large on the back.

Logo engraving on polar fleece

Mechanical wood engraving, logo and personalised text on a photo frame prepared and painted by us.

Mechanical wood engraving

Custom rubber cutting to make an ink stamp.

Laser rubber cutting

Door plate engraving, signage, house number, doorbell plate, in gold, silver, coloured anodised aluminium, Plexiglas etc.